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Tian Shihong Attends 114th ISO Council Meeting
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-03-12 15:11

SAC Administrator Tian Shihong, on behalf of SAC, permanent member of ISO, attended the 114th ISO Council meeting and the meeting of Standing Committee on Strategic Policy held in virtual form for several days in February, contributing Chinese wisdom for the future development of ISO.
During these meetings, ISO Council approved the rolling implementation plan and measurement framework of ISO Strategy 2030, reviewed the proposal for establishing the strategic advisory group for key mineral products, and approved the suggestion on revising the ISO copyright policy. It also discussed the progress of the project promoting next generation’s involvement, the donation project and the policy on regional engagement of ISO.
Participants also held extensive discussions on implementing the machine readable standards, enhancing the construction of risk management system and improving the organizational governance of ISO. 
Tian put forward suggestions and opinions for the topics including the implementation of ISO Strategy 2030, machine readable standards, donation policy, promoting the involvement of next generation, which were highly appreciated by the leadership and Council members of ISO.