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The 20th WSC Meeting Held
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-03-19 12:01

Leading representatives from IEC, ISO and ITU attended the 20th meeting of World Standards Cooperation (WSC) held virtually on February 26. Shu Yinbiao, President of IEC President and Chairman of the Board of China Huaneng Group, presided over the event.
World Economic Forum (WEF) President Borge Brende delivered a keynote speech and shared his views on how international standards promote world economic and social development in the post-pandemic era in light of the current global pandemic, world economy and future challenges.
Rebuilding trust is the key to resolving the world’s most pressing issues, such as continuing spread of coronavirus and climate changes without borders, pointed out Brende. Multilateralism is the most basic way to solve complexities in the current world, stressed he.
In a world full of challenges and opportunities, digital transformation is irreversible. Internet applications shall be more widely available around the world. Meanwhile, measures shall be taken to ensure cyber security and prevent the widening gap of global inequality due to digitalization. International standards can promote efficient allocation of resources in the world and enhance global cooperation, facilitating a fairer and more efficient market environment and advancing world trade development, said Brende.
To resolve many world challenges, we should strengthen global cooperation, uphold multilateralism, and collaborate in building a community of shared future for mankind, Shu agreed.
He concluded, science and technology innovation is seen as the core of the transition toward digitalization and green energy, which have a stake in the future world economic development. International standards will play a bigger role in a world of emerging technologies. The three international standards organizations have established close cooperation and have been committed to resolve global issues through international standards. The meeting will help strengthen the cooperation between WSC and WEF, jointly contributing to world economic growth.