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BRICS Workshop on Semiconductor Lighting Standardization Held
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-09-13 11:00

The workshop on the semiconductor lighting standardization of the BRICS countries was held in hybrid form on July 14, 2022 and attended by more than 40 participants, including representatives from National Standardization Bodies, BRICS Solid-State Lighting Working Group as well as experts and scholars in the area of semiconductor lighting in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 
During the meeting, experts shared the routes and methods for the integration of semiconductor lighting and standardization in their home country, and discussed the topics such as how to rapidly convert innovative semiconductor lighting technologies into standards to facilitate the sound development of the industry. At the end, an extensive consensus was reached on the suggestions for four international standard proposals on semiconductor lighting and the establishment of the semiconductor lighting standardization working group of the BRICS countries after in-depth discussion.
The event, as one of a series of activities on standardization communication and cooperation among the BRICS countries in 2022, is a part of the ministerial meeting on standardization cooperation. The meeting is designed to promote standardization communications in the fields with good cooperation foundation such as semiconductor lighting, and drive the BRICS countries to jointly participate in international standardization activities to bring more achievements.