Zhejiang Releases Local Standard on Intelligent Stadiums
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-03-25 15:45

Zhejiang Administration for Market Regulation recently released DB33/T 2305-2021, Specification for intelligent construction and management of large and medium-sized stadiums, the first of its kind in China.
The standard specifies the termcs and definitions, functional requirements for business application system, support management and other aspects of intelligent stadiums and related systems.
It also provides the system architecture of stadiums designed and applied with modern digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and establishes a new management mode of construction and operation integrated with instant perception, scientific decision-making, active service, efficient operation and intelligent cregulation.
The standard defines the grading criteria of intelligent stadiums, and offers the basis for the transformation and upgrading of various stadiums in an intelligent way across the province. 
More importantly, it further improves the level of intelligence, automation and refinement for the construction of stadiums and relevant facilities, bringing the public with the benefits of digital sport and intelligent service.