Faster Development of Standards for Key Consumer Products
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-10-09 09:07

China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC) plans to compile the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for standards in the light industry, announced by Zhang Chonghe, President of CNLIC at the meeting on national light industry standardization work in 2021 held on July 6. 
The Council will make great effort to develop an effective and valuable top design, striving to develop 300 national and sectoral standards in the field annually in the next five years.
“Standardization provides an important technical support for the high-quality development of the light industry”, said Zhang Chonghe. 0ver the past five years, 1,897 standards have been developed, increasing the standards supply in the areas of personalized, green and intelligent consumer products and satisfying the new demands of consumers and industrial development. 
Meanwhile, these standards have been improved to a higher level. Nearly 400 international standards are adopted as China’s national standards with the adoption rate of international standards reaching 95 percent. A total of 97 international standards projects have been led by the Chinese experts in the light industry.  
In view of the rapid consumption upgrading in recent years, Zhang put forward the priorities of CNLIC in 2021 in several aspects. The standards systems on food, consumer product quality grading, products for special groups of people, green products and factories, as well as intelligent manufacturing and smart home will be studied, established and improved respectively. 
The mandatory national standards on key consumer products such as household appliance, furniture and toy will be rapidly developed and revised, with more effort put on food quality standards and the construction of the relevant standards system. Besides, the standards development on consumer product quality grading and safety information disclosure will be further enhanced, so as to promote the upgrading of traditional industry with higher standards on terminal consumer products.