SAMR and SAC Release National Standards on Greenness and Consumption
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-10-09 09:09

SAMR and SAC recently released a batch of important national standards in the fields of green and environmental protection as well as consumption upgrading, contributing to better green and sustainable development and bolstering consumer's confidence in China.
In terms of greenness and environmental protection, GB/T 28951-2021, Forest certification in China—Forest management, defines the indicator system to be followed in the sustainable management certification of forest, and adds the related certification content including carbon fixation capability, ecological tourism and forest rehabilitation. It will better serve ecological progress and promote green, low-carbon and circular development. 
GB/T 40201-2021, Technical requirements for operation performance evaluation of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, will improve the technical level and service quality of the management and service bodies for rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, and help build beautiful villages and drive village revitalization in China.
In terms of consumption upgrading, GB/T 15109-2021, Terminology of baijiu industry, and GB/T 17204-2021, Terminology and classification of alcoholic beverages, clearly describe the process features of various baijiu, related terminologies and definitions of baijiu and alcoholic beverages, and classification principles of alcoholic beverages. They will help consumers get a better understanding of various alcoholic products, facilitate the progress and innovation of such products and promote healthy development of the industry.
GB/T 40270-2021, Textiles—General technical requirements based on consumer experience, rebuilds the technical indicator system for product quality based on consumers' needs for sensory experience, which will improve the comfort of product wearing and using, and enhance the recognition of domestic brands on the market.