Five National Standards on Wastewater Resource Utilization Released
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-06-13 14:51


State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC) recently released five voluntary national standards on wastewater resource utilization to promote the efficient use of un-conventional water source such as recycled water and facilitate the intensive and economical utilization of water resource.


The Guiding Opinions on Promoting Wastewater Resource Utilization, released by 10 ministries and commissions such as NDRC and SAMR in January 2021, defined the development objectives, key tasks and major projects in the wastewater resource utilization in China, which upgraded the wastewater resource utilization to national action plan.


And the Plan on Establishing Water-saving Society in the 14th Five-year Plan Period was released by five ministries and commissions in October 2021 to improve the standards system on water saving, promote the wastewater resource utilization, deeply implement the national action plan on water saving as well as comprehensively establish a water-saving society.


Based on these documents, the newly released five national standards are first batch of standards on wastewater resource utilization in China, which are internationally compatible at technical level. They provide important reference for the development of wastewater resource utilization and the establishment of water-saving society, which are of great significance in enhancing recycled water grading management, guiding the optimization of wastewater recycling and treatment technology, and facilitating the rapid development of recycled water industry.


The serial standards of 3 standards on water reuse provide professional guidelines and specifications for the planning, design, operation, evaluation and management of projects in recycled water industry in aspects such as recycled water grading, water quality management and technical process evaluation.


Guideline for water system integration and optimization of industrial enterprises provides guidelines for specific implementation of status survey, integration and optimization, and effect evaluation of water system of industrial enterprises in fields such as steel, petroleum refining, paper making, ethyl alcohol, viscose and chemical fiber filament weaving.


Technical guideline for comprehensive utilization of mine water specifies the technical requirements for mine water used for industry, ecological environment, farmland irrigation, drinking and other purposes to effectively guide the comprehensive utilization of mine water.


In the next step, SAMR and SAC will actively publicize and implement the standards, enhance the promotion of un-conventional water utilization, and fully exert the supporting role of the above-mentioned standards.