National Technical Committees 2014-12-02
First International Standard for Baby Stroller Under Development 2018-03-08
      Goodbaby, China's leading enterprise for children product, convened the second global expert meeting of ISO/PC 310, Wheeled child conveyances, in Shanghai to discuss the development of the first international standard on baby stroller.
Standards for Medical Appliances to be Improved 2018-03-08
      The Medical Appliances Standards Plan (2018-2020) was released by China Food and Drug Administration on January 29, 2018.
First IEC Standard of DC Bias Suppression Devices to be Issued 2018-01-16
      IEC TS 60076-23, the first IEC standard on DC bias suppression devices approved by IEC/TC 14 in November 2017, is expected to be published and put into force in 2018, overcoming the lack of such IEC standards in the field.
China's First Standard on Fast Charging to be Developed 2018-01-16
      In recent years, fast charging develops by leaps and bounds and growth rate is doubling. It is expected to be the biggest growth point in the market of consumer electronic accessories in the future. However, different fast charging standards made by enterprises have troubled consumers.