SAMR and SAC Release 215 Key National Standards 2021-05-19
      SAMR and SAC recently released 215 key national standards, covering many sectors including agriculture and rural areas, green development and energy conservation, delivery service, public safety and sports.
New Standard for Basic Public Services Issued 2021-05-11
      A new standard for national basic public services (2021) was issued by National Development and Reform Commission and 20 other governmental departments on April 20, covering the specific scopes and quality requirements for public services in nine categories, including education, employment, social sec...
Chinese Version of Renewable Energy Related IEC Standard Publi... 2021-04-02
      The Chinese version of IEC/TS 62257-9-8: 2020, Renewable energy and hybrid systems for rural electrification—Part 9-8: Integrated systems—Requirements for stand-alone renewable energy products with power ratings less than or equal to 350 W, was officially published on March 23, 2021.
50 National Standards on Food Safety Published 2021-03-25
      50 national standards and 4 ones with amendment on food safety were jointly published by National Health Commission (NHC) and SAMR recently.
Zhejiang Releases Local Standard on Intelligent Stadiums 2021-03-25
      Zhejiang Administration for Market Regulation recently released DB33/T 2305-2021, Specification for intelligent construction and management of large and medium-sized stadiums, the first of its kind in China.