China Holds the Competition for 2021 IEC YP Successfully
      To choose the Chinese candidates for the IEC Young Professionals Program in 2021, an online competition was held successfully on August 26. The competition was hosted by China National Committee of IEC, organized by Shenzhen Administration for Market Regulation, and supported by the Quality ...
Standardization Education Practice: Student Technical Committe...
      China's first batch of student technical committees (STCs) were established by China Jiliang University at a meeting on August 25 to enhance the standardization education and practice of young students.
Chinese Team Wins the 16th International Standards Olympiad
      The three-day 16th International Standards Olympiad closed on August 26, where nine Chinese students won three gold medals. A total of 120 students from six countries including China, South Korea, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia and Singapore participated in the contest.
China and UK Further Standardization Exchanges
      China-UK Standardization Cooperation Committee held the annual meeting on August 23, welcoming Tian Shihong, Vice-Minister of SAMR and Administrator of SAC, and Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at BSI.
First International Standard on Sustainable Finance Published
      ISO published a new standard on sustainable finance in August, to facilitate a better understanding of the key concepts in the sustainable finance system among financial regulators, banks, asset managers, investors, and researchers.