New Standard for Basic Public Services Issued
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-05-11 10:47

A new standard for national basic public services (2021) was issued by National Development and Reform Commission and 20 other governmental departments on April 20, covering the specific scopes and quality requirements for public services in nine categories, including education, employment, social security, housing and medical services.
Approved by the State Council, China's Cabinet, the standard specifies the object, content, standard and expenditure of public services and responsible government departments for supervision.
According to the notice for issuing the standard, the governments in various regions shall develop their specific implementation standard for basic public services based on realities, making it harmonized with national and sector standards and ensuring complete content, full coverage of people, reasonable criteria, guaranteed financial capability and sustainable services.
By referring to the national standard, regions shall further refine their related service standards and procedures, so as to ensure the standard can be put in place. For the service items covered by unified national standards, regions shall implement the standards with not lower requirements than that in the national standards; for other service items, they shall develop relevant standards in light of related national requirements and local realities and then put them into place.