SAMR and SAC Release 215 Key National Standards
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-05-19 11:19

SAMR and SAC recently released 215 key national standards, covering many sectors including agriculture and rural areas, green development and energy conservation, delivery service, public safety and sports.
In terms of agriculture and rural areas, GB/T 40088-2021, Management specification for transparency in village affairs, provides a comprehensive, scientific and effective tool for the transparent management of village affairs. It will play a normative and guiding role, making village affairs well-functioning in a way of openness, fairness and justice. 
In terms of green development and energy conservation, GB/T 40045-2021, Fuel specification for hydrogen powered vehicles—Liquid hydrogen (LH2), and other two national standards will further improve the standards system for hydrogen energy, providing a basis for the civil use of liquid hydrogen, guidance of its production, storage and transportation, quality management of fuel and high-quality development of the industry. 
In terms of delivery services, GB/T 40043-2021, Specification of information exchange between express service and electronic commerce, and GB/T 40044-2021, Specification of warehouse distribution information exchange in express service manufacturing industry, are of great significance in guiding enterprises to improve their information level, enhance their production capability and service quality, and promote the integrated and coordinated development together with e-commerce and manufacturing industries.
In terms of public safety, GB/T 40032-2021, Safety requirements of battery swap for electric vehicles, the first basic general national standard on battery swap mode of vehicle industry, helps improve the safety of electric vehicles in mechanical strength, electric safety, environmental adaptation and other aspects, and ensuring the safety of battery swap for electric vehicles.
In terms of sports, GB/T 40086-2021, Synthetic ice rink—General technical requirements and test methods, provides stricter technical guidelines for the quality improvement and construction of synthetic ice rink, which is favorable for the sustainable development of nation fitness program for winter sports. 
Other national standards will also play an active role in each field, for example, GB/T 40058-2021, Coding specification for the national fixed assets investment projects, GB/T 40087-2021, Geospatial grid encoding rule, and GB/T 15000.7-2021, Directives for the work of reference materials—Part 7: General requirements for the competence of reference material.