Standardization Education Practice: Student Technical Committees Established in China
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-10-09 08:45

China's first batch of student technical committees (STCs) were established by China Jiliang University at a meeting on August 25 to enhance the standardization education and practice of young students. These STCs will focus on the areas such as education assessment, digital economy services, common prosperity evaluation and retail management in social communication.
The event was attended by more than 160 participants, and addressed by Guo Chenguang, Deputy Director-General of Standards Innovative Management Department of SAMR, and Song Mingshun, President of China Jiliang University.
When China enters the new development era, a batch of capable standardization talents are indispensable for improving the international standards system and the development and revision of international standards, said Guo Chenguang. 
He fully affirmed the exploration of focusing on the high-profile key fields of new technologies, business forms and models at present and in the future and establishing STCs to innovate the standardization education and cultivation model for young students. And he expected them to learn and participate in standardization, making a contribution to both national and international standardization work.
Song Mingshun introduced the achievements of China Jiliang University in standardization education and talent cultivation. He indicated that as a new breakthrough of the university, these STCs will facilitate the standardization development in China and provide the Chinese solution for the talent building in international standardization.
As the outcome of the cooperation between SAC and ISO, STC is an innovative campaign for international standardization talent cultivation, which is designed to train young standardization experts and promote the ideas and methods of standardization.