SAMR and SAC Release a Batch of Important National Standards
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-10-09 09:09

SAMR and SAC recently released a batch of important national standards covering 450 voluntary national standards, fully exerting the role of standards in improving the people's lives.
In terms of improving the quality of agricultural and sideline products, GB/T 40464-2021, Technical requirements for processing of chilled meat, defines the technical requirements for the entire process of chilled meat production, cooling process control, temperature control in different stages, etc., to improve the technical level of chilled meat production and processing and ensure quality products with reasonable price. 
GB/T 40454-2021, Good manufacturing practice for poultry hatching, specifies the management requirements of poultry hatching such as facilities, personnel, hatching eggs, hatching process and sanitation, which helps to regulate the manufacturing of poultry hatching and improve efficiency of agriculture, so as to increase income of farmers and realize revitalization of villages.
GB/T 40487-2021, Structural bamboo glulam, defines the definition, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and applicable scope of structural bamboo glulam, which can improve product quality, promote the application of bamboo glulam in architectural structures, and realize the diversified structures of green buildings. 
In terms of public services, GB/T 40494-2021, Instructions for the use of power-driven vehicles, guides and regulates the instructions for the use of power-driven vehicles, provides useful information such as the usage of each function, common sense and cautions in vehicles, to better safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.
Two national standards including GB/T 40443-2021, Household electrical appliances suitable for older persons—General technical requirements, stipulate the safety and accessibility of household appliances for the seniors, and provide the three-dimensional architecture model and specific application cases for the smart household appliances system for their assisted living, which are applicable to meeting the increasing consumption demands in the aging society and improving the happiness of the seniors. 
Two national standards including GB/T 19010-2021, Quality management—Customer satisfaction—Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations, are helpful for organizations to establish the code of conduct that meets the demands and expectations of customers, and effectively improve products and processes.