SAMR (SAC) Releases a Batch of Important National Standards
Source from:SAC    Update on:2021-12-31 14:17


SAMR (SAC) recently released a batch of important national standards covering the areas such as green and sustainable development, agriculture and rural areas as well as public services, which play a technical supporting role in safeguarding people's health and ensuring their life quality.


In terms of green and sustainable development, the mandatory national standard on water efficiency limit value and grade of water purifier puts forward the requirements for applicable scope, purified water yield, rated total purified water yield and removal efficiency, which calls on consumers to purchase and use water-saving products.


In terms of agriculture and rural areas, GB/T 40945-2021, Code of practice for quality grading of livestock and poultry meat, will further improve the accuracy of the quality grading of livestock and poultry meat, to provide high-quality meat with reasonable price and guide the industrial transformation towards precise development and high efficiency.


GB/T 40946-2021, Technical guidelines for marine ranching construction, defines the key technical elements of marine ranching construction and takes the environmental and economic differences in coastal areas of China into consideration. It can effectively facilitate the construction and acceptance check of marine ranching, and improve the quality of marine ranching construction and the stability of its ecological and economic functions.


In terms of public services, GB/T 40951-2021, Specification for urban passenger transfer hub operation safety management, sets forth the basic framework and requirements of the operation and safety management of urban passenger transfer hub, which provides significant guidance for administrative units to modify safety management behaviors and raise their capability of operating urban passenger transfer hub safely.


GB/T 40756-2021, Work guidance of national integrated online government service platform online and offline integration, specifies the forward-looking requirements for national government service platform in a way of top-level structure, and frames the concept of service efficiency first.


In addition, other national standards will play an important role in different fields, such as GB/Z 40954.1-2021, Competence of standards professionals—Part 1: In companies, and serial standards on winter sports including GB/T 40926.1-2021, Protective equipment for use in ice hockey—Part 1: General requirements.