Standardization Group on Carbon Peak and Neutrality Established
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-04-22 14:43

The inaugural meeting of national standardization group on carbon peak and neutrality was held in hybrid form on March 2 in Beijing, which was attended by Dr. Tian Shihong, Vice-Minister of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Administrator of Standardization Administration of China (SAC), and Mr. Su Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).
We should fully recognize the significance of realizing the goal of carbon peak and neutrality, accurately grasp relevant objectives and tasks, and push various work in a steady and orderly manner, Dr. Tian noted in his address.
Dr. Tian pointed out several priorities, including actively promoting standards development and revision in the areas such as energy production, energy consumption, key green and low-carbon technologies and carbon emission accounting, greatly improving the consistency between national and international standards, enhancing the cooperation with other members of international standards organizations, and participating in the building of international standards system with a more proactive attitude.
Dr. Tian required that the national standardization group on carbon peak and neutrality should promote relevant standardization work in a scientific and effective way. Institutional development should be strengthened to make full use of the role of related parties including standardization technical bodies, research institutions, industry associations and main enterprises. The main work direction should be defined to focus on standards system planning and important standards technical coordination and continuously improve the overall coordination capability. 
In addition, talents building should be enhanced to actively promote relevant standardization achievements, cultivate more interdisciplinary talents proficient in policies, rules and technologies, and better meet the demands of national and international standardization work, according to Dr. Tian. 
The meeting was attended by the representatives from the Standards Technical Management Department, Standards Innovative Management Department and National Center of Standards Evaluation of SAMR as well as Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection Department of NDRC, and the group members.