SAMR and SAC Release a Batch of Important National Standards
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-06-08 14:49

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC) released in March a batch of important national standards, covering the sectors such as agriculture and rural area, ecological environment, public safety, integration of informatization and industrialization, and public services. 
In terms of agriculture and rural area, a series of national standards on village affairs management specify the fundamental terms and definitions of village affairs management and the classification of village affairs, define the principles, procedures and contents of the operational process of village affairs, and put forward the specific requirements for process management of village affairs. 
These standards are of great significance to transforming the way of village affairs management, regulating the rural governance, improving the level of rural governance capability modernization and consolidating the basis of rural revitalization. 
In terms of ecological environment, two national standards on technical guidelines for marine ecological restoration put forward the general procedures of marine ecological restoration, provide the technical guidelines and suggestions for relevant stages, and establish the work procedure and technical content of marine ecological restoration. 
The standards provide scientific guidance and technical support for the research and practices on marine ecological restoration in China, facilitating the normative and systematic implementation of related work and improving the effect of marine ecological restoration projects. 
In terms of public safety, GB/T 41315-2022, Safety shut-off valves for city gas transmission and distribution system, will strongly promote the industrial development of safety shut-off valves for city gas, and ensure the safety of gas transmission distribution system in China. 
GB/T 39078.2-2022, Safety requirements for escalators and moving walks—Part 2: Safety parameters meeting essential safety requirements, provides the guidance and criterion for meeting the basic safety requirements by using safety parameters for escalators and moving walks, in order to eliminate or reduce the related dangers and risks. 
In terms of integration of informatization and industrialization, a series of national standards on Integration of informatization and industrialization management systems raise the requirements for enhanced capability grading and provide the general guidance for assessment grading. They will help enterprises accelerate the construction of new capability system for digital era, more vigorously supporting the new capability building and digital transformation in enterprises, innovating the ideas and tools of government work as well as boosting the high-quality economic development. 
In terms of public services, the newly revised GB/T 35615-2022, Specification for social insurance registration service, specifies the requirements on the transformation of government functions, which will promote the standardization of basic public services, regulate the scope, content and procedure of public services, play a fundamental role in supporting social insurance, as well as drive the development of the industry. 
The revised GB/T 31597-2022, Specification on basic old-age insurance service for urban and rural residents, will enable people to enjoy more convenient, efficient services and interests of basic old-age insurance, and facilitate the healthy development of old-age insurance service for urban and rural residents in a fairer and more sustainable way.
What's more, other national standards will play a positive role in various fields such as Chinese medicinal materials' seeds, energy saving and emission reduction, self-supporting run flat tyres, fire resistant performance of curtain wall, public employment and talent service agency, accessibility of windows and doors as well as smart factory.