20th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation Forum Held
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-07-13 16:20

The 20th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation Forum was held in virtual form on June 21 and 22, 2022. The Chinese delegation was led by Mr. Guo Chenguang, Deputy Director-General of Standards Innovative Management Department, State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). 
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Forum. In the past two decades, China, Japan and South Korea have increasingly improved the dialogue mechanism with gradually deepened understanding and trust and steadily promoted cooperation in various fields. 
During the event, the three countries read the congratulations for the 20th anniversary respectively, highly recognized the practical achievements made in the past 20 years, and looked forward to strengthening the cooperation on standards technologies. 
The participants from the three countries introduced the development status of standardization in each country, and probed into the progress of current cooperation projects and 17 new cooperation proposals, reaching a broad consensus on deepening the standards cooperation.
The meetings of China-Japan-South Korea standards cooperation standing committee and standards cooperation research group, the meeting of standardization associations in the three countries and bilateral meetings on standardization cooperation were held during the same period. Participants made in-depth discussions on standardization cooperation in professional fields such as vehicles, aeronautical materials, steel, environmental label and green procurement, semiconductor equipment and senior-oriented technologies and improving the trilateral cooperation within the framework of ISO and IEC.

The meetings were attended by the representatives from national standardization bodies and standardization associations and industries in the three countries.