SAMR (SAC) Releases a Batch of Important National Standards
Source from:SAC    Update on:2022-09-21 09:11

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Standardization Administration of China (SAC) recently released a batch of important national standards, covering the areas such as information technology, tourism services, green and sustainable development, personal consumption and vehicle.
In terms of information technology, the revised GB 4943.1-2022, Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment—Part 1: Safety requirements, is applicable to various equipment of audio, video, information technology and communication technology. It is technically compatible with relevant international standards, and puts forward security requirements and test methods of dangers in six aspects, which can help make the overall assessment of multifunctional equipment and better facilitate the export trade of electronic products in China. 
The revised GB 18030-2022, Information technology—Chinese coded character set, includes 87,887 Chinese characters, covering most of the rare characters and the characters used in professional fields. It will regulate the Chinese coded characters, and ensure the display consistency in text message transmission.
In terms of tourism services, the revised GB/T 26358-2022, Tourist resort rating, adds the requirements for types of rooms and entertainment activities in tourist resorts, and defines the conditions for tourist resorts at provincial and national levels, which can effectively guide the construction of tourist resorts that satisfy the public's needs across the nation. 
GB/T 41648-2022, Basic requirements and classification for homestay inn, specifies requirements for the operation and management of buildings, facilities, sanitation, services, environment and supporting equipments in homestay inn, which is of great significance for regulating the industrial development and safeguarding the legal rights of consumers.
In terms of green and sustainable development, the revised GB/T 23156-2022, Packaging—Packaging and the environment—Terminology, stipulates relevant important terms and definitions, which will provide support for effectively carrying out the production, recycling and treatment of packaging. GB/T 18455-2022, Packaging recycling marking, combined with the characteristics of various materials, defines the types, basic graphics and requirements of recycling marking, which will promote the recycling and reuse of wastes. 
In terms of personal consumption, GB/T 41527-2022, General safety requirements for household and similar service robots, puts forward the safety requirements in the aspects of moisture resistance, leakage current, electric strength, stability and mechanical strength, and provides technical regulations for the research & development and production of household and similar service robots in enterprises. 
GB/T 41529-2022, Smart household appliances system for older persons' assisted living—General safety requirements, raises the specific requirements in the areas such as the safety of system installations, application services and personal information, in order to reduce the risks for the seniors when using these appliances. The standard will guide enterprises to design and develop more smart household appliances systems to meet the demands of the seniors.
In terms of vehicle, GB/T 41630-2022, Performance requirements and test methods for intelligent parking assist system, stipulates the functions that an intelligent parking assist system should have, and defines the requirements for its human-computer interface and performance, which is favorable for the sound and orderly development of related technologies. 
GB/T 41578-2022, Technical requirements and test methods for cybersecurity of electric vehicle charging system, defines the technical requirements and test methods for the safety of electric vehicle charging system in the dimensions of hardware, software, data and communication, which will help improve the information safety technologies of electric vehicles in China. 
Other national standards such as GB/T 41530-2022, Toys, child use and care articles' terms and definitions, and GB/T 19851.1-2022, Sports equipment and playground for middle school and primary school—Part 1: General requirements and test methods for sports equipment, play their active role in relevant areas.