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Chinese Delegation Attends the First Plenary Meeting of IEC/SyC SET
     Update on:2023-05-16 15:08

The first plenary meeting of IEC/SyC SET on sustainable electrified transportation was held from March 22 to 24 in Berlin, Germany, attended, in person or in virtual form, by more than 20 representatives from countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Sweden and India, as well as of IEC secretariat and liaison organizations. SAC also organized experts from such fields as electricity and automobile to attend the plenary.


IEC/SyC SET was approved and established by IEC/SMB in June 2022 on the basis of the Standardization Evaluation Group (SEG) 11: Future sustainable transportation. The system committee will discuss and address the standardization issues related to sustainable electrified transportation, and study standardization cooperation with the scope of transportation, vehicle, energy, telecommunication and other industries, providing systemic standardization collaboration and guidance for sustainable electrified transportation system and its basic facilities.


During the meeting, IEC/SyC SET determined its working range and targets, set up the Chairs Advisory Group and two Ad-Hoc Groups on sustainability criteria in electrified transportation and systems approach in Smart Charging for sustainable electrified transportation respectively, and discussed the key tasks such as the relevance of the conceptual model for sustainable electrified transportation.