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Action Plan for Elderly Care and Housekeeping Service Standardization Released
     Update on:2023-03-01 11:13

The Action Plan for Elderly Care and Housekeeping Service Standardization was jointly released by State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Commerce.


The Action Plan, as one of the five special action plans put forward in the National Standardization Development Outline, puts forward specific requirements for elderly care and housekeeping service standardization in recent three years.


The Action Plan sets the overall goal, four priorities and 10 key tasks in the standardization work on elderly care and housekeeping service by 2025, to effectively meet the diverse and multilevel demands of the seniors, and promote the quality improvement and market expansion of the housekeeping service industry.


In terms of standards system building, the Action Plan comes up with optimizing the standard supply structure, teases out the directions for the development of national, sectoral, local and association standards, and especially puts forward the key projects of standards development and revision to support industrial management, improve service quality and lead industrial transformation and upgrading.


In terms of standards implementation and supervision, the Action Plan further strengthens the coordination of standards implementation with industrial development planning, reform tasks, special actions, etc., and proposes the tasks such as letting consumers know service standards, improving the information feedback mechanism of standards implementation and arranging 150 standardization pilot projects.


In terms of standardization capability building, the Action Plan puts forward the inclusion of standardization knowledge in the training of practitioners, and the establishment of the evaluation mechanism covering practitioners and facilities with the support of standards.


In terms of standards internationalization, the Action Plan requires to facilitate the harmonization of domestic and international standards, and enhance the cultivation of international standardization talents.


In the next step, SAMR will continue to focus on the practical demands of the public together with the other two national departments, further optimize the standards system, accelerate the upgrading of standards, and lead the industrial development in a normative, quality, digital and integrated way, so as to create a new situation of the interactive development of standardization and the elderly care and housekeeping service industry.