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SAMR Plans to Develop and Revise Elderly-oriented National Standards
     Update on:2023-05-04 13:52

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) recently released the special plan on developing and revising a batch of elderly-oriented national standards to contribute to the implementation of the national strategy for actively responding to the aging population.

The plan includes a total of 39 national standards basically covering the common life scenarios of the seniors, such as daily routine, transportation, elderly care, travel and leisure activities, reading as well as sports and fitness, which also takes the elderly-oriented requirements and services on environmental facilities, articles and appliances into full consideration.

In terms of household environment and products for the elderly, the development of general standards on elderly-oriented design of household products will be the priority, and the elderly-oriented technical requirements in the standards on consumer products for the elderly will be strengthened to guide home environment design and facility layout to better meet the practical demands of the seniors.

In terms of transportation, the basic and general standards on public information guidance system and graphic symbols, and the standards on elderly-oriented allocation of facilities and equipment in areas of urban rail transit, bus and electric vehicle, and civil aviation will be developed to continuously improve the transportation services for seniors.

In terms of elderly care, the standards on friendly environment setting and evaluation will be developed for providing the community-oriented, home-based and institution-based senior care, especially taking into account the special requirements of seniors with cognitive disorder, to ensure their safety, comfort and dignity.

In terms of travel and leisure activities, the senior-oriented requirements for tourist hotels, scenic spots, and bases for leisure and health purposes will be systemically raised, and the requirements for the quality of travel agencies’ tourism products for the seniors will be provided to further regulate the order of the senior tourist market and safeguard the legal rights and interests of the seniors.

In terms of culture, sports and fitness, the standards on the quality of books with large fonts will be developed to meet the reading demands of people with low eyesight as well as middle-aged and elderly people with seriously deteriorated eyesight. The elderly-oriented requirements for venues and equipment for fitness and sports as well as sports and health monitoring equipment will be developed to help the seniors to hold fitness and rehabilitation activities in a more reasonable, efficient and safer manner.