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First National Standard on Aquaculture in Saline-alkaline Land Released
     Update on:2024-01-26 10:07

SAMR (SAC) recently released the voluntary national standard GB/T 43563-2023, Water quality for aquaculture in saline-alkaline land, which will be officially implemented on April 1, 2024.


The standard specifies the terminologies and definitions of the water quality for the aquaculture in saline-alkaline land. To address the problems such as multiple types and complex chemical composition of the water quality, it stipulates the requirements for water indicators, water sample selection, on-site treatment, storage, transportation and other aspects of the aquaculture of main species in saline-alkaline land, gives the relevant method for test and result calculation, and lists the main species suitable for aquaculture in saline-alkaline land.


It is the first national standard in the field of the aquaculture in saline-alkaline land. It provides the basis for reasonably using the water resource of saline-alkaline land to develop aquaculture, which is of great significance for guiding the aquaculture in saline-alkaline land with measures adapted to local conditions in China.