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Standards Boost Better Life and Stimulate New Driving Force of Consumption
     Update on:2024-04-08 09:48

In 2023, to further implement the National Standardization Development Outline, SAMR (SAC) developed and released 259 national standards in the key fields of consumer goods, strengthened the supply and upgrading of standards, promoted the quality improvement and market expansion of consumer goods, and stimulated the new driving force of consumption.

In the area of service consumption, SAMR (SAC) published 55 national standards, completed the establishment of 75 national service standardization pilots, and assigned the mission of 89 national standardization pilot and demonstration projects, cultivating and selecting high-quality service brands, and leading and expanding service consumption.

Standards lead the consumption growth of household appliance and similar products

With a focus on household appliance products, 14 national standards including GB/T 26176-2023, Household and similar soymilk makers, and GB/T 22769-2023, Electric bathroom heater (Yuba), were released.

In terms of home decoration products, 126 national standards such as GB/T 39390-2023, Custom furniture—Quality inspection and quality evaluation, and GB 43471-2023, Light sources—Safety requirements, and GB 18585-2023, Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials—Limit of harmful substances of wallpapers, were published.

These standards have actively facilitated the standards upgrading and iteration in terms of consumer goods such as furniture and household appliances, encouraged the trade-in with old consumer goods, stimulated the willingness of demand-side consumption, and expanded new markets.

Using standards as a tool to meet the consumption demand of seniors and children

With a focus on special groups such as seniors, infants and children, 29 national standards including GB/T 43587-2023, Footwear for older people, GB 43631-2023, General safety technical specification for infants and children paper products, and GB/T 42805-2023, Juvenile products—General requirements for protection products for family domestic use, were released to improve the standards system for juvenile and elderly products, practically safeguard the health and safety of children, raise the life quality of seniors, and constantly raise the sense of gain, happiness and safety of special groups.

Facilitating the innovation and upgrading of textiles and clothes with the support of standards

With a focus on textiles and clothes, 48 national standards such as GB/T 42698-2023, Textiles—Testing and evaluation for anti-seeing-through property, and GB/T 43573-2023, Methods for the determination of heat dissipation properties of garments—Sweating manikin method, were published to adapt to the differences, high performance and multiple functions of textile and fiber materials and the individuality, fashion and green development of clothes, and drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and their technical innovation.

Leading the growth of cultural, sports and recreational products with standards-oriented efforts

With a focus on cultural, sports and recreational products, 13 national standards including GB/T 10159-2023, Piano, GB/T 42825-2023, General technical specification for electric scooters, and GB/T 42703-2023, Cycles—Audible warning devices—Technical specification and test methods, were released to increase the supply of standards for new technologies, products, business forms and consumer goods, and respond to the demands of industrial development and consumption upgrading.

Standards guarantee a safe and sound consumption environment

With a focus on winter sports economy, 12 national standards such as GB/T 42379-2023, Technical specification for removable ice rink, and GB/T 42372-2023, Specifications for the popular snow sports competition, were published to support the booming development of popular winter sports in the post-Winter Olympics era.

With a focus on the quality and safety of express service, 6 national standards including GB 43352-2023, Limits of heavy metals and other specific substances in express packaging, and new series of GB/T 27917-2023, Express service, were published to guide the quality and efficiency improvement of express service.

Another 6 national standards such as GB/T 41247-2023, Specification for quality management of E-commerce live-streaming sales, and GB/T 42498-2023, Specification for online dispute resolution in E-commerce, were released to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and let them enjoy safe and relieved consumption.

Cultivating efficient and high-quality service examples with the guide of standards

SAMR (SAC) has actively promoted the standardization and brand building in services, completed the establishment of 75 national service standardization pilots in the areas such as elderly service, tourism service and household service, delivered the mission of 89 national service standardization pilots in the areas including commerce circulation, cultural and tourism service, winter sports and e-commerce.

In the fields of tourism and recreational activities, SAMR (SAC) has further facilitated the standardization work in subdivided fields including rural tourism, study tourism, and ice and snow tourism, provide the high-quality services with high standards, and expanded new consumption.