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SAMR (SAC) Releases a Number of Key National Standards
     Update on:2024-03-05 09:38

SAMR (SAC) recently released a number of key national standards covering production, life, green and sustainable development, and other areas. These standards will play an important role in leading industrial development, promoting green transformation, driving urban and rural development, and improving life quality.


In terms of leading modern industrial development, GB/T 43557-2023, Information security technology—Guidelines for cyber security information submission, can increase the speed of the flowing and processing of cyber security information, and improve the response efficiency and effectiveness of cyber security incidents. Six standards on blockchain and distributed ledger technology are of great significance for improving the quality of blockchain application services, facilitating the data sharing, improving the industrial collaborative capacity, and driving the empowerment of the real economy.


Three standards on intelligent manufacturing help solve the problems including multiple service design links, difficulty in coordination, and high complexity, regulate the establishment and application of network-based collaborative manufacturing platform, and raise the supply capability and professional level of intelligent plant delivers. Three standards on industrial internet platform will drive the upstream and downstream coordination and digital connection in industrial chains of industrial internet, lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and the building of modern industrial system, and improve the market responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


In terms of promoting the green and low-carbon transformation, GB/T 43477-2023, Guidelines for evaluation of water saving industrial parks, can guide and regulate the water-saving management of industrial parks, and improve the water use efficiency, so as to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development. Eight standards on carbon emissions accounting and reporting can help enterprises enhance their understanding and management of carbon emissions, and participate in the actions for voluntary and market-oriented carbon emissions, to meet the requirements on carbon emission control. GB/Z 43464-2023, Electrical power quality requirement of marine energy converters, provides the scientific method and basis for the evaluation of marine energy conversion efficiency, and helps boost the technological progresses of marine energy converters and the sound and rapid development of marine energy development and utilization.


In terms of boosting foreign trade, GB/T 43519-2023, Guidelines for monitoring of international trade and transport facilitation, plays a positive role in further improving the monitoring system building for international trade and transportation facilitation in China, raising the monitoring level of foreign trade facilitation, promoting the implementation of facilitation measures, improving efficiency and optimizing the trade and business environment. GB/T 14392.3-2023, Layout key for international trade documents—Part 3: Application guidelines, helps drive the alignment and coordination of trade document styles in China, and facilitate the development of international trade in a normative, convenient and electronic manner.


In terms of pushing forward urban and rural development and improving people’s life quality, GB/T 43560-2023, New-type urbanization—Guidelines for evaluation of innovative city, serves as an important tool to unify and measure the innovation level of cities in China, and provides support for establishing innovative cities. Three standards on express services will effectively cultivate new business forms such as cold chain of fresh food and rural e-commerce, and accelerate the automatic, information-oriented, digital, intelligent and green transformation of express delivery industry. GB/T 43518-2023, Ergonomics—Guidelines for accessible design of home, helps improve the convenience and life quality of people with disabilities, and enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security.


In terms of improving people’s livelihood and strengthening services, GB/T 43486-2023, Test method for protective agents for heating system, can improve the technical level of design and development, quality control, product performance and other aspects of protective agents for heating system. Three standards including GB/T 43564-2023, Track and field with synthetic surfaces for primary and middle schools, are of great importance for further expediting the quality of school physical education and practically safeguarding the healthy growth of primary and middle school students. GB/T 43558-2023, Specification for national integrated government service platform mobile terminal, can effectively resolve the problems such as single function and poor user experience in the construction of government service platform mobile terminal, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of government service and constantly enhance the satisfaction of the public.