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AMR Releases a Series of Standards on Evaluation of Usability of Child Restraint Systems
     Update on:2024-06-25 09:14

SAMR (SAC) recently released a series of national standards on the methods and rules for the evaluation of the usability of child restraint systems and their compatibility with vehicle anchorages.


The series of standards developed by SAC/TC 114 on auto is composed of four parts. The standards released this time include GB/T 44083.2-2024, GB/T 44083.3-2024 and GB/T 44083.4-2024 on child restraint systems using vehicle belts, securing child passengers to the restraint system and daily maintenance of the system, as well as booster seat and booster cushion respectively.


These standards stipulate the requirements for evaluation process, evaluation dimension and evaluation personnel quality, and specify the evaluation principles and methods. They provide the basis for manufacturers to improve the usability of child restraint systems, help improve the level of product design, help consumers correctly use child restraint systems, and reduce the error usage rate, making the protective role of child restraint systems fully exerted.