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Secretariat of IEC SyC SET Held by China
     Update on:2024-04-12 09:55

The inaugural meeting of the secretariat of IEC SyC SET (sustainable electrified transportation) was held on March 26 in Beijing, which was attended by Dr. Tian Shihong, Vice Minister of SAMR and Administrator of SAC.

The international standardization work of IEC SyC SET covers the infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports, and the electrification and intelligence transformation of major transportation tools including automobiles, rail transit, ships and airplanes, which greatly impacts the development of many pillar industries and strategic emerging industries.

Holding the secretariat of the systems committee will help China promote the electrification transformation of global transportation, and play an active role in facilitating the cooperation on international standards for sustainable development.

The secretariat will fulfill its responsibilities, and serve all members to jointly establish the international standards system; use China’s industrial and technical strengths in the area of sustainable electrified transportation to contribute solutions; take this opportunity as a new starting point to make more contribution to the internationalization of standards in the energy field.