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2023 Qingdao Forum on International Standardization Held
     Update on:2023-07-17 14:08

With the theme of “standardization for green, low-carbon and high-quality development”, the 2023 Qingdao Forum on International Standardization was held at the Qingdao International Conference Center on June 9, co-hosted by SAMR (SAC) and Shandong Provincial People’s Government. The forum was addressed by Mr. Luo Wen, Minister of SAMR, and Mr. Zhou Naixiang, Governor of Shandong Province.

The forum, as a specific measure to implement the National Standardization Development Outline and the Outline of Boosting China’s Strength in Quality, was designed to safeguard green production order, support green technological innovation, and promote eco-friendly ways of life with high-quality standards system.

It called for high-level institutional opening up of standards to serve and facilitate global sustainable development, improve international standards systems, drive the interconnectivity of standards, and provides application scenarios of standards for sustainable development.

During the forum, ISO, IEC, CEN-CENELEC, AFSEC, COPANT, and domestic and foreign experts and enterprise representatives held in-depth discussions.

The Qingdao Initiative on International Standards for Green, Low-carbon and High-quality Development was released, a MoU was signed between SAC and AFSEC, IEC statement on supporting standardization capacity building in China was announced, and the agreement on the collaboration with the International Standardization Training Base (Qingdao) was signed by ISO, SAC and Qingdao Municipal Peoples Government. Besides, a series of standardization activities and five sub-forums were convened, covering topics such as standardization & ocean negative carbon emissions and standardization for green and low-carbon development of SCODA.

Presided over by Mr. Lu Zhiyuan, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, the opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Tian Shihong, Vice Minister of SAMR and Administrator of SAC, Mr. Song Junji, Vice Governor and Secretary General of Shandong province, Ms. Wang Guiying, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, and Mr. Zhao Haozhi, Mayor of Qingdao.

The forum attracted representatives and scholars from international, regional and national standards organizations such as ISO, IEC, CEN, AFSEC, COPANT and AFNOR, related ministries and commissions including NDRC, MOST, MNR, MOT, MOC and China Meteorological Administration, Chinese Academy of Engineering, market regulation departments in Shanxi, Hebei, Xinjiang and other regions, as well as renowned domestic and overseas enterprises, universities and research institutes.