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SAMR (SAC) Releases a Number of Important National Standards
     Update on:2023-07-07 09:25

SAMR (SAC) recently released a number of important national standards, covering areas such as green development, intelligent transportation, information technology and public security. These standards will play a key role in advancing ecological progress, facilitating the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, enhancing the application of information technology, and safeguarding social security and stability.

In terms of green development, the newly revised 3 national standards on recycling materials including GB/T 38471-2023, Recycling materials for copper, are conducive to improving the quality and process stability of recycling materials, meeting the production demands of high-quality recycling materials in industries, phasing out the outdated production capacity, and contributing to the goals of carbon peak and neutrality.

In terms of intelligent transportation, 2 national standards on intelligent driving will regulate the model and expression of intelligent driving electronic road data, promote the industrial development, improve the driving experience, and reduce vehicle accidents. GB/T 38924.11-2023, Environmental test methods for civil small and light unmanned aircraft systemPart 11: Fungus test, specifies the unified fungus test method for the design, R&D, production and monitoring of unmanned aircraft system, which helps improve the quality and usage performance of unmanned aircraft products in complex and severe environment.

In terms of information technology, a series of national standards on information security technology puts forward the technical requirements and test methods in the areas such as network intrusion prevention, network security review, antispam, as well as classification and rating of network security events, effectively ensuring network-based information security. Another series of national standards including GB/T 26237.5-2023, Information technologyBiometric data interchange formatsPart 5: Face image data, can help regulate the biometric market, improve the accuracy and safety of individual recognition, and promote the healthy, stable and rapid development of the industry in China.

In terms of public security, the revised GB 19517-2023, National technical code for the safety of electric equipments, covers the common safety requirements for low-voltage electric equipment under 1000V AC and 1500V DC, which will play a crucial role in safeguarding people’s safety in electricity use. GB/T 42768-2023, Public security—Risk assessment for urban security, can provide guidance on risk assessment of urban security, improve the urban emergency management system, raise a city’s capability to prevent and resolve major risks, and vigorously support the safe development of a city.