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Four National Standards on Household and Similar Appliances Released
     Update on:2023-04-21 11:08

A batch of national standards were recently released by State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC), which included four voluntary national standards on household and similar appliances. These standards will help improve the quality of products such as therapeutic massage cushion, electric bathroom heater, hermetic motor-compressor and central heating system, regulate the production and sales of relevant products on the market, promote the healthy and high-quality development of the industry, and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.


Massage cushion is in close contact with human body, the safety and comfort of which are key to the experience of consumers. The newly revised GB/T 26254-2023, Household and similar healthful massage cushion, adds the terms of massage manipulations, and specifies the requirements for chemical substance limits, noise limit value, noise immunity, electromagnet radiation and other aspects.


The revised GB/T 22769-2023, Electric bathroom heater (Yuba), defines the requirements for two types of products, adds the temperature grades indicators and test methods, and modifies the thermal performance, noise requirement and relevant test methods. The standard will remarkably promote the application of technologies on temperature uniformity, fast heating-up and noise reduction.


The revised GB/T 29780-2023, Hermetic motor-compressors for household and similar application heat pump water heater, adds two refrigerants of R32 and R290, relevant performance requirements of speed controlled compressor, and compressor performance coefficient classification, and deletes piston compressor. The revision of above-mentioned standards can raise the technological level of products, and provide strong technical support for boosting the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.


The new GB/T 42389.1-2023, Household and similar central heating system—Part 1: General requirements, fills the gap of industrial development, and plays a key supporting role in improving the technological level of products. The standard stipulates the terms and definitions, classification, system structure, technical requirements, instruction, installation, after-sales service and evaluation methods. It provides system manufacturers and integrators with guidance on development design, matching integration, installation, debugging and other aspects, which helps ensure the reliability of products and systems, reduce risks, improve users’ experience and safeguard consumers’ interests.


In the next step, SAMR and SAC will put the publicity and implementation of the new standards in place, disclose relevant information concerning the quality of household appliance to the public, help consumers choose safe, reliable and cost-effective products, and exert the positive role of standards in serving the social development.