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SAMR Strengthens the Standards Supply for Elderly-oriented Electrical Appliances
     Update on:2023-12-20 09:46

Household appliances, as key consumer products in the elderly’s daily life, play an important role in helping them live independently with higher quality. In recent years, SAMR (SAC) has given full play to the leading role of standards and strengthened the standards supply for elderly-oriented transformation to meet the demands of the elderly.


SAMR (SAC) has developed and released several national standards in this regard such as GB/T 40443-2021, Household electrical appliances suitable for older persons—General technical requirements, GB/T 40439-2021, Smart household appliances system for older persons’ assisted living—Architecture model, and GB/T 41529-2022, Smart household appliances system for older persons’ assisted living—General safety requirements, basically establishing the fundamental structure of the national standards system for elderly-oriented household appliance products and systems.


The standards stipulate the requirements on the safety operation and usability of electric appliances, put forward the three-dimensional intelligent system model to assist the elderly, and specify the safety requirements on intelligent systems for the elderly, effectively ensuring the safety of the elderly when using products and systems.


These standards will play an active role in three aspects: first, guiding the transformation, upgrading and elderly-oriented development of relevant industries such as household appliances, and providing the direction and foundation for the development of related products; second, promoting the normative development of the industry of products for the elderly, and offering specifications, assistance and guidance for the product development and system design of enterprises; third, protecting the interests of the elderly and improving their life quality to help them live a better life.


SAMR (SAC) will organize the publicity and implementation of these standards, guide enterprises to follow the requirements on safety, usability and accessibility proposed in the standards, raise the universality and compatibility of existing products, and develop safer and more operable products to better meet the elderly consumers’ demands. It will promote elderly-oriented standards to the public in a timely manner, and help consumers to choose safe and reliable household appliance products.