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National Standard on Hair Products Implemented
     Update on:2023-04-06 17:31

GB/T 41637-2022, Hair products—General technical specification, was officially implemented in February, which has filled the gap in the field at home and abroad.


As a guiding standard in the hair product industry, the voluntary national standard focuses on the general requirements for hair product quality and safety, stipulates relevant physical and chemical indicators and microbiological indicators such as formaldehyde, PH value, extracted heavy metal and hazardous fuels, and specifies the relevant inspection methods.


Hair products, known as fashion on the head, include processed hair and wig, hairpieces made of synthetic textile materials, false beards and eyelashes, and other products. China, as the a distribution center for raw materials of hair products and the largest manufacturer and exporter of hair products in the world, accounts for 70% of the global market for hair products.


The standard will play an essential role in safeguarding consumer’s health and safety, improving the quality, safety and control abilities of enterprises, and facilitating the sound development of the industry. It is of great significance to regulating the domestic and international markets for hair products, strengthening the competitiveness of hair products in international market, expanding the export of featured products, and promoting the Chinese brands to enter the international market.