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SAMR and SAC Release a Batch of Important National Standards
     Update on:2023-04-21 11:14

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC) recently released a batch of important national standards, covering the areas such as consumption upgrading, industrial manufacturing, smart cities, service sector, social credit and transparent government services. These standards will play a prominent role in unleashing the potential of consumption, improving the quality and efficiency of the service sector, building the credit system and smart cities, and improving the quality of products.


In terms of consumption upgrading, the national standards on products such as massage cushion, central heating system and electric bathroom heater fully consider the technological development of products, green and environmental protection, scientific and reasonable indicators, and other factors, which will improve product quality, provide consumers with guidance and suggestions on selection and use of products, and meet people’s increasing needs for a better life. GB/Z 42510-2023, Specification for credit rating evaluation of hotel industry, helps the hotel industry to establish the quality rating system, expand the supply of excellent products, curb the waste of food, and build up the confidence of consumers.


In terms of industrial manufacturing, GB/T 17729-2023, Hygienic standard and detect methods for the air quality inside interurban bus, is of great significance for guiding manufacturers of finished vehicles to effectively reduce the air pollutant concentration and ensure the physical health of drivers and passengers inside an interurban bus. The national standards on concrete and reinforced concrete sewer pipe can raise the requirements of product quality and performance of sewer pipes, which play a positive role in promoting the sound development and technological progress of sewer pipes. GB/T 42354-2023, General for selection material of pharmaceutical machinery, is helpful to guide pharmaceutical equipment and drug manufacturers to focus on the selection of metal and non-metal materials commonly used in pharmaceutical machinery, and prevent the waste of selected materials and the risks caused by inappropriate material selection.


In terms of smart cities, GB/T 42442.1-2023, Smart citySmart parkingPart 1: General requirements, is applicable to the intensive and intelligent management of parking lot in different areas and scopes, which will further drive the interconnectivity of parking information, realize the efficient utilization and reasonable allocation of parking resources, and guide the healthy and sustainable development of smart parking industry, so as to resolve the parking difficulty in cities. The standards on the assessment of effective use of community infrastructure data and public health emergency data will help improve the normative level of data use and effectively respond to public health emergencies.


In terms of the service sector, a series of standards including GB/T 24421.2-2023, Guidelines for standardization of organizations in service sectorPart 2: Standard system construction, will better meet the practical demands in operational and management activities of organizations in the service sector, provide more precise and comprehensive guidance for the standardization work, and facilitate the high-quality development of the service sector in China.


In terms of social credit, the national standards related to enterprise credit will further regulate the survey, evaluation, management, disclosure and application of enterprise credit, and help expedite the construction of social credit system and the modernization of social governance capacity.


In terms of transparency in government affairs, GB/T 42418-2023, Guide to government publishing at grass-roots level, can provide specific guidelines and technical reference to further promote the standardization of transparency in primary-level government affairs, help improve the quality and efficiency of the services, and raise the sense of gain of enterprises and citizens.


In addition, many other national standards were published in the areas such as agriculture products, information technology, network security and financial services.