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SAMR (SAC) Releases A Number of Important National Standards
     Update on:2024-01-12 15:42

SAMR (SAC) recently released a number of important national standards covering multiple fields such as production, life and public safety, which aimed to exert an active role in promoting industrial development, facilitating quality improvement, improving life quality, as well as preventing and defusing risks.


In terms of facilitating agricultural production, seven standards on agricultural irrigation equipment can improve the efficiency of agricultural irrigation, reduce the waste of water, and accelerate the innovation of irrigation technologies and the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements in China. Three standards on the treatment of heavy metals in paddy fields will help solve the problem of excessive heavy metals in farmland soil and agricultural products, and improve the quality of agricultural products and the level of food safety.


In terms of improving the performance of charging and battery of electric vehicles, GB/T 43332-2023, Safety requirements of conductive charging and discharging for electric vehicles, can effectively reduce the risks of conductive charging and discharging accidents and the safety risks such as electric shock, component overheating and malfunctioning. GB/T 31467-2023, Electrical performance test methods for lithium-ion traction battery pack and system of electric vehicles, helps further harmonize the test methods for electrical performance of power battery systems, add or optimize partial testing items, and improve the level of traction battery in China.


In terms of serving manned spacecraft industry, GB/T 43422-2023, Requirements for wastes management of space station, can realize the efficient and safe treatment of wastes of the space station in orbit, ensure the quality of astronauts’ normal life and work, and facilitate the future international cooperation and development. GB/T 43421-2023, Microbial control requirements for pressured module of manned spacecraft, can effectively protect materials and equipment in a manned spacecraft from microbial contamination and corrosion, avoid endangering the heath of astronauts, and promote the development of manned spacecraft undertaking in China.


In terms of facilitating the development of e-commerce, GB/T 43290-2023, Specification for common service of e-commerce reverse logistics, can resolve the logistics problem caused by the disorder of product changing or refunding in online shopping, reduce repeated communication with consumers, and raise the satisfaction degree of consumers. GB/T 43291-2023, Requirements for operation management of cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse, will further regulate the operation management of cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses and improve their service quality and capability. GB/T 43285-2023, Specification for green food delivery management, helps promote catering enterprises to practice the concept of green development in food delivery activities, reduce the use of packaging and disposable tableware, guide consumers to order appropriate amount of food, and create a new service mode of green food catering.


In terms of improving the quality of life, two standards on education and learning services help improve the quality and effect of distant learning service in China, and standardize the use of terms related to education and learning services. GB/T 43351-2023, Accessible design—Information contents, figuration and display methods of tactile guide maps, can add information in tactile guide maps, further normalize the map-making, and improve the ability of visually impaired people to participate in social activities. GB/T 43386-2023, Assistive products for personal hygiene that support users—Requirements and test methods, can ensure the safety of persons with functional disabilities in the use of toilet and bath assistive products, meet the living and rehabilitation needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities, and improve their well-being.


In terms of ensuring safety, five national standards on information security techniques can guide the cybersecurity emergency response and identify problems in time, regulate the application preinstallation behavior of smartphone manufacturers, guide the implementation of cloud storage application interface tests, improve the establishment, operation and maintenance of data centers, and contain the malicious behavior, security vulnerabilities, illegal collection of users’ personal information of software development kit in mobile internet applications, so as to contribute to the better and faster development of digital economy in China. GB/T 43392-2023, Safety performance test and assessment method for metro disaster prevention system, can effectively improve the reliability and effectiveness of metro disaster prevention system, guide the design of the system, put forward the optimal operation scheme, and raise the level of metro operation safety in China.