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SAMR (SAC) Releases a Number of Important National Standards
     Update on:2024-06-12 15:05

SAMR (SAC) recently released a number of important national standards, covering multiple areas including production, life, and green and sustainable development. These standards will play a crucial role in unleashing consumption potential, speeding up the quality improvement and upgrading of manufacturing industry, ensuring gas safety, leading emerging and future-oriented industries, supporting green and low-carbon development, and improving life quality.


In terms of unleashing consumption potential, GB/T 34549-2024, Sanitary ware—Smart toilet, can effectively improve the quality of smart toilet in flushing noise, impact resistance of toilet seat and lid, water temperature stability, seat heating and other aspects. Six national standards including GB/T 44021.1-2024, Audio, video and related equipment—Determination of power consumption—Part 1: General, specify the measurement method of the power consumption of audio and video equipment, makes it easy for consumers to compare and choose the products of different manufacturers, protect the rights of consumers, thus boosting technological innovation, improving product performance, and driving the sound development of the industry.


In terms of securing the baseline of product and life safety, six mandatory national standards covering fire shutters, fire alarm control units, point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization, as well as fire emergency lighting and evacuate indicating system help improve the safety and reliability of fireproof products, making these products play a better role in safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property. Four national standards for emergency shelters and disaster relief tents can ensure safer and more comfortable temporary accommodation for disaster victims, which can help emergency shelters play a key role in the early warning and response, rescue and transition resettlement in major emergencies.


In terms of supporting green and low-carbon development, three national standards including GB/T 43902-2024, Green manufacturing—Green supply chain management in manufacturing enterprises—Implementation guide, can provide overall and systematic guidance for manufacturing enterprises to implement green supply chain management, effectively resolve problems such as inconsistent and unsystematic green evaluation indexes of green products, green factories and green supply chains, and facilitate the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of enterprises. Four mandatory national standards for the norm of energy consumption per unit production of yellow phosphorus, dimethyl siloxane, tyre and carbon black, and titanium dioxide and iron oxide help advance the technological progress of energy conservation in related industries, accelerate the industrial restructuring, optimization and upgrading, and facilitate the energy conservation and emission reduction.


In terms of improving life quality, GB/T 43980-2024, Interpreting services—Requirements for healthcare interpreting, will serve the healthcare language service industry to meet the increasing needs of the Chinese people to see doctors abroad and foreigners to seek medical advice in China. Three national standards including GB/T 43978-2024, Evaluation requirements for visual comfort of indoor LED displays, help guide the production and scientific use of indoor LED displays, carry out their visual comfort evaluation and management, and improve the use experience of smart television audience.


Besides, national standards for canned citrus fruits, essential oil of red multilayered rose, liquid crystal display devices, spinal orthoses and others were released at the same time.