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China Standardization (Oversea Edition)
Source from:SAC     Update on:2014-11-04 18:57

China Standardization (Oversea Edition), founded in 2004, is a bimonthly worldwide English journal administrated by the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR), directed by the Standardization Administration of P.R.China (SAC), and hosted by the China Association for Standardization(CAS) and China National institute of Standardization(CNIS). So far, the journal is the exclusive English magazine in the field of China standardization of exchanging to international and regional organizations for standardization and all foreign standardization institutes.

The journal aims to provide report China standardization comprehensively, to introduce our experts and excellent enterprises well done in standardization to the world, focused on international hotspots in standardization, to express Chinese views objectively, to show Chinese characteristics in standardization, to spread Chinese culture in the standardization process, and to promote international exchanges and cooperation. In addition, it reports on the achievements and products of Chinese enterprises in terms of independent innovation efforts in creating famous brands and adoption of standards. The journal has been designated by the Chinese related authority in charge of standardization as the only English journal reporting China's national standards to the WTO and other international standardization organizations. The journal is published both domestically and internationally.

Domestic Unified Edition Number: CN11-5133 / T
International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1672-5700
Officialy published as a bimonthly available worldwide.

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